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For over 20 years, we’ve helped state and local governments access capital for infrastructure and environmental projects. We have a nuanced understanding of public finance and are the municipal green, social and sustainability bond experts.


Monica Reid - Chief Executive Officer, Kestrel Verifiers

Monica Reid

Chief Executive Officer

April Strid - Lead Verifier / ESG Analyst, Kestrel Verifiers

April Strid

Lead Verifier / ESG Analyst

Melissa Winkler - Business Development Leader, Kestrel Verifiers

Melissa Winkler

Senior Vice President

John Katovich, JD - General Counsel, Kestrel Verifiers

John Katovich, JD

General Counsel

Dara Morantes - VP of Special Projects, Kestrel Verifiers

Dara Morantes

VP of Special Projects

Melissa Sherwood - Verifier / ESG Analyst, Kestrel Verifiers

Melissa Sherwood

Verifier / Senior ESG Analyst

Prachi Chandhok - Product Manager - ESG Data, Kestrel Verifiers

Prachi Chandhok

Head of Product, ESG Data

Kate Bennett - ESG Analyst, Kestrel Verifiers

Kate Bennett

ESG Analyst

Jordynn Paz - ESG Analyst, Kestrel Verifiers

Jordynn Paz

ESG Analyst

Shannon Huberd - Office Manager, Kestrel Verifiers

Shannon Huberd

Office Manager

Miglena Stancheva - Financial Analyst, Kestrel Verifiers

Miglena Stancheva

Financial Analyst

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Laura Franke

Public Finance Advisor